968 East Main Street, Prattville, Alabama 36066 Phone # 334-365-7209 Maxwell AFB# 334-235-9733

Prattville Trophies was started by a teacher of special education.  She ran the business from her home while raising her twins.  She started with an old pantograph, scratch engraver and eventually, bought a computerized engraver with 5" green screen.  My mother, Margie Nichols, was a stay at home mom.  They met while the teacher's son and I were on the same baseball team.  Once school was out, we helped build trophies, too.  A couple years later, the teacher had an opportunity to move closer to her family and go back to school to continue her education while continuing to help the wonderful children she loved to teach.  At that point (around 1989), mom bought Prattville Trophy and rented an office space on Thomas Avenue behind "the old" Dairy Queen that was on Memorial Drive.  In 1996, she purchased 968 East Main Street.  I worked with mom at the trophy shop most summers growing up and sometimes during the busy season I helped after school, too.  In 2002, I began working part-time at the trophy shop again.  In 2004, I came in full-time.  In 2008, we purchased an Epilog laser engraver and retired our other machines.  Over the years mom taught me every aspect of the business.  We struggled through old-school and new technology ideas.  We chose the best of both worlds.  We chose to allow technology enhance our customer service, quality & efficiency.  By using it as a customer service tool, we also decided not to let it detract from our personal relationships with our customers.  After losing mom in 2015, I aspire to keep moving forward with her traditions.  In 2018, we were given the opportunity to expand by opening a second location inside the AAFES BX Mall at Maxwell AFB.  That location allows us to better serve our military. I pray God will keep us headed on the right track and I look forward to the next generation leading us into tomorrow.